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Welcome Enlightened Freemasons around the world!  It is hoped that the podcasts that follow will provide each of you with more light to assist you on your journey to the East!  You can visit our main website at  Thank you for being here!   

Oct 14, 2018

What is this fraternity we call Freemasonry?  What and why are there symbols that grace our lodge rooms?  Do these symbols have any significance to us in our twenty-first century world?  How can they help us with the three principle objectives of Freemasonry-Brotherly love, relief, and truth?

A large number of Freemasons are initiated, passed, and raised to the sublime degree of Freemasonry without having a clue as to what they have just gone through.  This podcast will hopefully provide a unique viewpoint regarding our Craft and its meaning. As your host, I do not mean to convert you to a particular interpretation, but rather to motivate the individual Freemason to focus on the Craft from an inner perspective.  

I remind the listener of the admonition in the ritual, "What is it that you most desire?"  Hopefully, this podcast will provide more light!

Enjoy this episode!

George R. Adams, 33° G.C.